Ora: high quality supplements & vitamins

Nutrition should be sustainable. And it can be.

“Organic, plant-based & sustainable supplements.
We take our cues from Mother nature - mama knows best.”

When we began searching for supplements that matched our high standards for food we quickly realized there was a huge problem in the space. Companies were bottling cheap, synthetic chemicals in ugly and unsustainable packaging – making the whole supplement experience an unenjoyable mess.

Ora Organic was created by and for healthy foodies to replace synthetic supplements with nutrients from organic & sustainable sources. That means omega-3 from microalgae and protein from plants!

And because we love food, our very own chef created delicious organic flavors for our products! Because #yum

Who are we?

We're a bunch of American & Kiwi foodies hell-bent on creating better nutrition!
That means quality nutrients, sustainable sourcing and of course creating downright delicious flavors! Meet the founding team:

Ronald Chang

Chef & operations. Flavor matchmaker, food fanatic and incapable of cooking for less than 7 people.

Will Smelko

Team & thought leader. Part man, part bear. Sustainability crusader. Can grow a full beard in 3 days #OrganicBeardOil

Katherine Greiner

Marketing and fitness guru. Frightens easily. Likes brussel sprouts a bit too much (seriously, like every meal?!).

Shannon Holley

Business development like a bawss. Supermom to the cutest 2 year old you ever did see and plant-based champion!

Kelsey Johnson

Social media and sustainability nerd. Does action woman things (e.g. climbing mountains, mountain yoga, beach life).

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