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Mental Health - Start with your Gut, End with Yoga

Our guts might just be telling our brains what to feel. In fact, Scientific American published a study in 2015 that confirmed microbes in your gut were linked to mental health.

by Claire Fountain


Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl

Blueberry goodness is always a great way to start the day! This blueberry, banana and vanilla chai smoothie is filling and a delicious way to power through the morning.

by Emily Sayes


Everyday Vegan Protein Options: More Than Just Meat!

You probably know that animal products—meat, eggs and dairy—are the most recognized sources of protein in the market. What you may not know is that you don't need to eat meat or dairy to get enough protein. Here are my everyday meatless protein sources!

by Ana Alarcón


Chronic Stress & Gut Health

Hippocrates, regarded as the founder of medicine, was once quoted for saying ‘all disease begins in the gut.’ Our gut does more than send us on a trip to the bathroom everyday...

by Emily Sayes


Achieve Your New Year Goals With 3 Simple Steps

We’ve made it to another new year! New year, new goals....or maybe some of the same goals? Do you ever feel like you make a New Year’s resolution, just to see it fall by the wayside by February?

by Cassondra Roloff


Supplements in 2017

In 2017, watch millennials shift the supplements world in these 3 ways. Ora Organic's supplement innovations bring sustainability, isolated nutrients and new delivery formats!

by The Ora Crew

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