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Can Whey Protein Make You Sick?

Feeling gassy, bloated, or just plain nauseous after your whey protein shake? You aren’t alone! It’s estimated that 65% of the human population has difficulty digesting milk (i.e. whey).


by Jessica Lollino


6 Tips For Eating Your Way to A Healthy Mind

Mental health is a complex area, and we don’t have control over all its determinants. What and how we eat, though, is one we can influence.

by Megan Bruneau


Almond Joy Protein Truffles

As Seen on Shark Thank! Here's the recipe to make them at home - the truffles that had the Sharks licking their teeth!

by Ron Chang


Mental Health - Start with your Gut, End with Yoga

Our guts might just be telling our brains what to feel. In fact, Scientific American published a study in 2015 that confirmed microbes in your gut were linked to mental health.

by Claire Fountain

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