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New Probiotic Flavor

Lavender Lemonade

Our popular probiotic powder is now available in an even more refreshing flavor: Lavender Lemonade. Refresh your microbiome and help your gut help you.

Create Better Recipes

Meet our new hub for all things plant-based and delicious: Create Better Recipes.

Here you'll find recipes to use your favorite Ora products in, health benefits for the ingredients used, and nutritional information to help keep you on track :)

New Skin Hero: Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a pigment found in seaweed and algae and is considered to be the most powerful antioxidant on the planet. It's also responsible for the red and pink colors of flamingos, salmon, and shrimp (it's an important part of their diet).

Why we love it: It's incredible for your skin in more ways than one: sun damage, wrinkles, hydration, and more...

Adaptogens = Chill Vibes

Adaptogens help your body adapt to the stress by supporting balanced hormone levels in the body - particularly Cortisol (the stress hormone that can throw everything out of whack).

Click below to learn more about the adaptogens in our greens blend: Triphala and Ashwgandha. Stay chill.

Our Mission

To create the cleanest, organic and plant-based nutritional supplements, that are better for you and for the planet.
No compromise.

Thoughtfully created and ethically sourced from USDA organic farms, designed by our in-house chef and backed by science. Because we care.

Organic &

USDA Organic & Certified Vegan are the standards to which we hold all of our ingredients and products.

Always gluten
& dairy free.

From our Greens all the way to our Vitamin D, our products are free of milk, dairy, lactose, and gluten.

No additives
or nasties.

Made in the USA. Always non-GMO, Plant-based and soy-free. Never artificial.

Start your journey to feeling good.