Kia Ora

‘Ora’ comes from the New Zealand Māori greeting ‘Kia Ora’ which literally translates to ‘be well’. And that’s exactly what we set out to do – to help you be well.

The connection to New Zealand comes through half of our co-founding team who are of Māori heritage and grew up there, sibling co-founders Sebastian and Erica: “We were drawn to a name that felt personal. We always thought it was a beautiful saying in our culture that we wanted to share with the world, and reflects how we want people who take our products to feel. Healthy, welcomed, and cared for.”


We created Ora Organic out of a love for quality nutrition, ethical sourcing, and helping others be well.

We’re all doing our best to be healthy, and while diet, exercise, and routine, are at the core of health, supplements can make a difference too.

We create products that we ourselves would take, and that means we never include anything artificial, only use plant-based ingredients, and source organic wherever possible.

Will, Erica, Sebastian & Ronald – Ora’s Co-founders

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We’re Plant-based

All of our products are plant-based because we believe it’s:

  • More ethical
  • More sustainable
  • Healthier

In order to minimize the impact we have on the planet, we promise to never use animal-based ingredients in our products. We also actively seek out ways for our business and employees to positively impact the welfare of people, animals, and our shared environment.

We Care About Your Tastebuds

We realize that it’s a heck of a lot easier to form healthy habits when the healthiest option also happens to be the tastiest option.

This principle guides our Co-Founder Chef Ron Chang’s work when he designs the taste of our products. Ron works with the highest quality ingredients from around the world and creates sometimes upwards of 100 different variations for our team to taste-test before we settle on something we know you’ll love.

As a result of Ron’s tireless dedication to quality, our products end up tasting great on their own and in recipes, which is helpful if you want to bake protein pancakes or find a way to sneak 3 servings of greens into your kids’ meals. Check out our growing collection of plant-based recipes below!

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