Plant-Based Protein: Flexing Your Biceps and Your Brain

Why is it that as a society we’ve come to associate being strong with images of body-builders on muscle beach all oiled up, chugging raw-egg protein shakes and tearing through pieces of meat with just their incisors? (shudder) The reality is – the amount of animal protein being consumed might help them flex their glamour muscles - but it won’t make them healthy.



Protein is an essential part of our well-being. However, our bodies don’t store it, which means we need to get a little bit everyday. Unfortunately there’s a skewed perception that in order to build muscle and be strong we need to consume food and supplements that contain animal-based proteins. Frankly, this outlook is destructive to both our health and ol’ Mother Nature.


Here are four reasons why the fruits, vegetables, ancient grains and superfoods found in Ora's Organic Superfood Protein are whey way better sources of protein for both you and the environment!


Plant-based Protein Powder


  1. Plant protein is a necessary part of every healthy diet: Plant-protein is cleaner and more sustainable than whey. Rice, pea, quinoa, amaranth, hemp, flax seed and sacha inchi contain all the amino acids your body needs to re-generate protein without any of the harmful side effects associated with animal protein.On top of that, USDA certified organic and plant-based protein doesn’t contain any of the dangerous chemical toxins widely used in industrial factory farming, which means for a change, you’ll be building muscle without harming your heart.
  2. Animal protein has been linked to higher rates of mortality: Study after study has shown that high levels of animal protein consumption significantly increases the likelihood of premature death from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Diets rich in animal protein have been linked to higher levels of cholesterol and insulin and increased likelihood of arterial blockages, all of which lead to higher rates of mortality.
  3. Industrial animal agriculture is killing you and our planet: Industrial animal agriculture and factory farming causes more harm to the environment than every form of transportation combined. By contributing to water over-consumption, carbon emissions, and global warming, mass production of livestock is slowly killing our planet. Not only that, but the toxic chemicals used to mass-manufacture animal protein, like antibiotics and growth hormones, are all also consumed by you – as soon as you bite into that juicy burger or add a scoop of whey to your shake.
  4. Don’t just feed yourselves, feed the planet: The insane amount of grain we’re feeding to livestock in order for them to produce the right amount of calories that we need to survive is substantially higher than if we just consumed those grains directly. So let’s stop force-feeding our animals and save some of that grain for the hungry.


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