Do Protein Shakes Promote Weight Loss?

Let’s talk weight loss. Not a very buzzy 2017 word, but we’re going there. Because — real talk — sometimes you want to reign it in, get your proverbial s#!+ together or just feel better in your skin. And there’s no shame in that.

protein shake weight loss

The roadmap to weight loss is more crowded than an end-of-game Monopoly board, so we’re going to hone in on a popular methodology: humble gym-rat favorite, the protein shake.

Do protein shakes actually work to promote weight loss?

Protein is the cornerstone of many a weight loss method for good reason — it works. High protein diets are associated with greater satiety (ain’t nobody got time for hunger pangs) — which can help to shed those few, extra pounds. Protein shakes provide a fast, convenient way to meet your optimal protein needs, and they take the guesswork out of calculating how many grams of protein are in [insert plain tofu product here]. (No thank you.)


Gains, brah.

It’s not all about loss — higher protein diets can help increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. More muscle mass is associated with boosted metabolism and increased energy expenditure — which also promotes weight loss. So, file under: goals. (And, if you’re an athlete looking to build muscle and aid in recovery, chug-a-lug your protein shake after your workout.)

protein shake weight loss

Feeling fancy? Fiber helps.

Most protein powders can be mixed with water or milk (almond is our fave), but if you’re looking to boost your shake’s weight loss superpowers — add some fiber to the mix. Blending your protein powder with whole foods (fruits, vegetables and nuts) will amp up your fiber intake, further promoting weight loss.

protein shakes weight loss

But, ya know, keep it clean.

As always, quality matters. Cheap protein powders are aplenty because they’re cheap to make (and thus affordable to buy) — but they often rely on low-quality protein blends that aren’t easily digestible. Not sure what to look for in a clean protein powder? Choose a protein powder that’s plant-based and low-sugar with recognizable ingredients and digestive enzymes.

Don’t feel like doing the research? We got you.

protein shake weight loss

Add a protein shake to your routine

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