Why Choose A Collagen Builder?


Why Choose A Collagen Builder?

Supporting your body's collagen production requires more than just feeding it the collagen of other animals.

That's because your body doesn't create collagen by consuming other collagen sources, it needs to create collagen proteins that are unique to you.

To build your own collagen, you need the nutrients to support your body's natural collagen production processes:

  • Polysaccharides - play a huge role in bringing together amino acids in the body to help produce collagen.
  • Amino Acids - essential to collagen production and come from protein, e.g. Lysine.
  • Vitamins - help to regulate the synthesis of collagen and support healthy aging.

That's why we created Aloe Gorgeous - a plant-based collagen builder that gives your body the nutrients it needs to support healthy collagen production.