Powerful Plant-based Omega-3

with Head & Heart by Ora

Head & Heart is a powerful vegan omega-3 DHA supplement made from microalgae.

5x more bioavailable than fish oil, and with no artificial ingredients or fillers - Head & Heart is the cleanest way to support healthy levels of Omega-3 DHA for brain, eye, and heart health.

Vegan5x More Bioavailable than Fish OilThird-party TestedCarrageenan-free

A Better Omega-3

What sets our plant-based omega-3 supplement apart from the pack? It includes a potent omega-3 powder that’s sustainably sourced from algae harvested off the North American Atlantic coast.

Head & Heart uses omega-3 DHA sourced from algae that is 5 times more bioavailable than fish oil.

Why only DHA and not EPA?

Our product does contain naturally-occurring EPA, however, we have prioritized a potent dosage of DHA. Most people receive a healthy amount of the omega-3 fatty acid ALA (α-linolenic acid) through their diet, and while ALA can convert to both EPA and DHA in the body, the conversion rate is much higher for EPA than DHA – making DHA much more difficult to get through your diet if you don’t eat fish.

Head & Heart contains 500mg of DHA. This is a high dosage in comparison to other vegan omega-3 supplements.

What makes DHA so great for your head and your heart?

DHA is an essential fatty acid that makes up ~27% of the adult cerebral cortex of the brain!

Many vegan omega-3 supplements contain filler ingredients, preservatives, or thickeners like carrageenan, which some scientists suspect may contribute to inflammation and bloating. Some brands will even label carrageenan as ‘seaweed extract’ to avoid backlash from label-conscious customers.

We spent years in R&D to develop a vegan omega-3 that doesn’t use carrageenan – instead Head & Heart comes in a plant-based capsule form that’s easy to swallow and filler-free.

We make products that are undeniably clean. With an obsessive focus on quality control, we test every batch of our products at third-party, accredited laboratories and — what’s more — publish our test results for you. View our Certificate of Analysis (COA) here.

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Plant-based Does it Better

Vegan Omega-3 vs. Fish Oil

While you know now that our algae is 5x more bioavailable than fish oil – purity and sustainability are also common reasons for choosing algae sources of omega-3. Many fish species used to source omega-3 contain high levels of mercury, and overfishing is creating ecosystem collapse in oceans around the world.

We wanted a purer, more bioavailable source of DHA omega-3s, so we went straight to the source: Schizochytrium sp. algae – and kept out fillers like carrageenan and gelatin. Our algae is cultivated sustainably in an enclosed system to ensure minimal impact on the marine ecosystem and support enhanced purity.

Compared to Fish Oil Supplements

Head & Heart by OraPopular Fish Oil Omega-3 Supplements
VeganNot Vegan
Sustainably sourced from algaeUnsustainably sourced from fish oil
No carrageenan or gelatinUses softgels with carrageenan or gelatin
No fillersContains fillers
Bioavailable source5x less bioavailable
Openly shares third-party testsDoesn't share third-party tests

Compared to Other Vegan Omega-3 Supplements

Head & Heart by OraOther Vegan Omega-3 Supplements
Sustainably sourced from algaeSustainably sourced from algae
No carrageenan or seaweed extractContains carrageenan and often labels it as 'seaweed extract'
500mg of DHA per servingUsually less than 400mg of DHA
Openly shares third-party testsDoesn't share third-party tests
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