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To celebrate World Vegan Month we're contributing to the Oceanic Preservation Society!

We’re makin’ waves.

This November is World Vegan Month and we’ve partnered with the Oceanic Preservation Society to raise awareness of the effects the fish oil industry has on the oceans and to educate the world about plant-based alternatives.

For the whole month of November we will be donating:

  • 10% of sales of our Algae-based Omega-3 Spray Nothing Fishy Here
  • 1% of all sales of other Ora Organic products

to the Oceanic Preservation Society.

Thank you for helping us to preserve the oceans.

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Vegan Omega-3 Spray - Vegan Omega-3 Spray
Vegan Omega-3 Spray - vegan omega-3
Vegan Omega-3 Spray - Vegan Omega-3 Spray
Vegan Omega-3 Spray - supplement-facts orange_30

Vegan Omega-3 Spray

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600mg DHA | Sourced from Algae | No fishy taste

Plant-based, natural source of omega-3, made from microalgae, formulated with MCT Oil from Coconut to assist with rapid absorption.

Vegan, full of DHA and EPA, deodorized to remove any fishy or ocean taste, and flavored with Organic Orange so that kids and adults alike can look forward to taking their omegas daily.

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  • Overview
  • The first ever omega-3 spray, delivering 600mg of vegan omega-3 per serving, including the elusive vegan DHA.

    The omega-3 content in one bottle of Nothing Fishy Here is equivalent to 6 pounds of high quality salmon.

    Save a fish, spray some algae!

    Sustainably sourced from microalgae farmed in pure waters outside of the oceans, and thus free of mercury, pesticides, PCBs, heavy metals and other ocean pollutants.

    Formulated with MCT Oil from coconut to deliver nutrients quickly to the brain* as well as organic sunflower le