Probiotic pixiesprobiotic pixies

New at Ora: Probiotic Pixies

The Most Delicious Probiotic.

Support digestive and immune health in the most delicious way possible.†
Probiotic + prebiotic powder that melts in your mouth like candy.

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probiotic pixie
probiotic pixie

We created Trust Your Gut Pixies as a delicious alternative to your daily probiotic pill, a more convenient option than powder, and a cleaner source of probiotics than sugary gummies. 

No added sugar – dairy-free – gluten-free

probiotic pixie

With clinically-studied strains and up to 10 billion probiotics per serving, these pixies are packed with digestive and immune health benefits and perfectly fruity using only organic flavors and no added sugar.

Includes acid-resistant probiotic strains

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The most delicious probiotic. Ever.