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Chewable Vitamins

Powerful ingredients, clean formulas.
Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 + K2.

vegan chewable b12
  • Bioactive nutrients better absorbed
  • Clinically-studied ingredients
  • Clean formulations without artificial fillers
  • Vegan & sustainably sourced
  • Affordably-priced

Buzzy B12

Support brain and heart health with 1,500mcg of bioactive B12 in delicious raspberry chewable tablets. A potent dosage at an affordable price.

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Sol food High Potency

Support a healthy immune system, strong bones, and a balanced mood with a potent dosage of 5,000 IUs of plant-based Vitamin D3 and K2. The ultimate Vitamin D3 supplement in a tasty chewable tablet.

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vegan chewable b12

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