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Boost Health

We hear you. It’s not always easy to pinpoint what’s causing that general “blah-ness.” Usually, it’s a complex combination of factors, but one thing is certain - it can be incredibly frustrating.

Perhaps it's an unknown allergy that is making you feel unwell - or low quality sleep, high stress levels, hormonal imbalances. The list goes on.

We’re not here to worry you further though. We’re here to suggest a few ingredients that may help realign your mojo, clear the haze, brighten your energy, and get you back to feeling like yourself.

Start your day with... Probiotics & Prebiotics

When the bacteria in our gut are balanced, our digestion functions optimally and in response: we don’t experience gut-related anxiety and depression. 

When our microbiome is balanced we also boast a stronger immune system, higher energy levels, clearer skin, and fresher breath.

Boost immunity with... Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has several important health benefits, with fortifying bone health and maintaining a healthy immune system being the most well-known. 

Research has also shown that Vitamin D even plays an important role in combating depression and helping protect against getting the flu.

Detox in your sleep with... Chlorella and Spirulina.

When Chlorella gets to your intestines, it naturally attaches itself to heavy metals (like mercury and lead) and pesticides and helps usher them out of your system.

Spirulina is extremely high in chlorophyll and is also impressively effective at removing toxins from the body.

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