Nailing the Holiday Gift Game

Hold onto yer hemp knickers - holiday season is here! Quite likely you’ll be wondering how on Earth you’re going to find perfect gifts for all the VIPs in your life. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful, healthy and stylish gifts so you can avoid awkward moments and nail that holiday gift game!


blue-light glasses


1. Pixel Eyewear - Blue Light Glasses

Do you or someone you know have trouble sleeping at night? Do they also spend most of the day on their computer? Everyone in our office wears these, and they’ve actually changed our lives. Exposing your eyes to harsh blue light tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime and cheats your body of the sleep it needs. If you know someone who spends a fair amount of time on the computer, or reading on an iPad, please help them help their eyes #eyesores. Check it out here.



wood watch


2. Timber Watches - Handcrafted Wood Watches

I bought one of these for my other half, and he’s constantly receiving compliments on it. If he didn’t wear it everyday I’d probably have nicked it by now. These androgynous watches fit any style and look great on both men and women - however they’re especially perfect for the hipster in your life! Check it out here.



Everlane clothing


3. Everlane - Sustainable Style

Everlane is super transparent in the sourcing and production of its beautiful clothes and accessories! Gift a cute scarf, cozy beanie or trendy backpack, and know that you’re putting money towards a business that cares about its workers. Plus it’s damn cold so I’m sure a warm gift will be welcome - looking at you fleece track pants! Check it out here.



Organic Probiotic


4. Ora Organic - Vegan Probiotic + Prebiotic

Oh December - a month when binge-drinking and binge-eating becomes socially acceptable and our stomach fights with our pants to be set free! Such behavior often leads to a dwindling immune system and unprecedented weight gain. To offset the damage your loved one might do to their body, a good probiotic is tremendous for gut health, digestion and has been known to boost immune system, metabolism and mood. It helps that our probiotic contains organic prebiotics - the fuel probiotics need to thrive, and are completely vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. Check out our Vegan Probiotic here.



Kevin.murphy products


5. Kevin.Murphy - Skincare for Your Hair

These guys really know hair. Kevin.Murphy creates amazing hair products using ingredients sourced from micro cultivation, organic growing practices and ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques. They also never test on animals. The Ora lads absolutely swear by this styling clay, and it doesn’t hurt that all of their products are easy on the eye too ;) Check it out here.

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