Green Superfood Detox Bites

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Green Superfood Detox Bites


Looking to get a dose of greens while indulging your sweet tooth?

Sounds impossible, right? Luckily, we enjoy making the impossible, possible.

DID YOU KNOW: Most vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin K are fat soluble. This means they are most effective when consumed with a meal that contains fats.

We made sure to blend our nutrient-packed greens up with healthy fats, like cashews and coconut flakes, for maximum absorption and maximum benefits.

The dates add a natural sweetness to curb those chocolate cravings and provide plenty of fiber to keep you satisfied post-snack.

So, for the days you don't have time to hit up Sweetgreen, these are here to give you a nourishing on-the-go fix of greens.

  1. Blend dates, almonds, and cashews together in a food processor until all ingredients are blended evenly
  2. If needed, add in a teaspoon of water at a time to get the ingredients in the food processor going (only add enough water to get a thick consistency)
  3. Add in the 2 scoops of Ora Organic's greens powder
  4. Roll mixture into 10 balls
  5. Roll balls into coconut flakes and lay on a tray
  6. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours

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