Little Monster Treats: Healthy Vegan Dirt Cake & Worms Recipe

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Little Monster Treats: Healthy Vegan Dirt Cake & Worms Recipe


Trick or treat? Treat. Always choose the treat.

These festive and fun treats are just like the ones you had as a kid, except our version of dirt cake calls for homemade coconut yogurt and chocolate granola. Uh, yum.

Did we mention it's vegan?

But, before we scare you off, let us reassure you: the effort here is minimal. No tricks here!

Homemade yogurt is much easier than you think. Three ingredients just need a little bit of time to hang out together. The payoff is a perfectly tangy and creamy coconut yogurt, without the added sugar.

Top it with luscious chocolate granola (baked with chia seeds to emphasize your dirt effect), bury your worms, and get to digging.

  1. Mix homemade or store-bought coconut yogurt with 1 scoop chocolate protein (we don't recommend doing so until you're ready to serve)
  2. Voilá! Chocolate coconut yogurt
  3. Fill the bottom of each mason jar with chocolate coconut yogurt
  4. Top the yogurt with store-bought or homemade chocolate granola
  5. Arrange gummy worms as desired
  6. Ta-da! A treat for your tiniest monster

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