Can Turmeric Tablets Replace Certain OTC Meds?

Like all good health enthusiasts, we are here for all of the yellow-hued, adaptogenic, pixie-dust-filled, magic potions. Because delicious drinks that elevate you to Gwenyth-level health status and deliver that covetable glow? Hocus pocus, and yes please. More potions, more life.

turmeric tablets

But when it comes to turmeric — one of the most lauded spices for its Ayurvedic medicinal properties and the leading lady in the most grammable of health potions — tablets provide the most concentrated form of the good stuff (i.e. magic healing powers, which we’ll discuss in a minute). Tablets are like an I.V. drip of the medicinal benefits without the yellow-stained teeth and fingers (not that we’d ever judge you for that).

And those magic healing powers? They’re so damn good that some of turmeric’s benefits outweigh conventional medicine and allow the potent herb to replace certain over-the-counter medicine.

Put Down That Anti-inflammatory

The most touted and powerful of turmeric’s medicinal capabilities is its ability to reduce inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is linked to the onset of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease; and it’s preventable. Curcumin, turmeric’s main bioactive compound, has been shown to prevent and reduce inflammation by inhibiting certain molecules that play a role in the body’s inflammatory response. One study evaluated anti-inflammatory compounds and found that aspirin and ibuprofen were the least effective, while curcumin was among the most potent anti-inflammatory agents.

turmeric tablets

Ooh, Kill Em (Pain, That Is)

Another OTC drug to ditch in favor of turmeric tablets? Painkillers. Turmeric has been shown to manage pain (again, anti-inflammatory properties for the win), and recent research found that curcumin naturally activates the opioid system in diabetic rats. The opioid system is usually manipulated by drugs to trigger pain relief, but turmeric’s ability to activate the system provides a natural (and side symptom-free) option for pain relief.

Gut Check — Turmeric for G.I. Issues

Gastrointestinal diseases can be tricky to heal with conventional medicine because the gut flora is already in duress and drugs can further irritate the stomach’s lining. New research proposes curcumin as a therapeutic strategy to manage ulcerative colitis and suggests that it may be effective enough to allow patients with inflammatory bowel disease to decrease their dosage of corticosteroids (conventional medicine) or stop taking them altogether.

So those aforementioned magic healing powers of turmeric tablets? They’re alive and well and effective enough to replace some of those OTC meds that you probably feel kind of meh about taking. And, just like that, healthy pill poppin’ becomes a thing.

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turmeric tablets

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