Achieve Your New Year Goals With 3 Simple Steps

We’ve made it to another new year! New year, new goals....or maybe some of the same goals? Do you ever feel like you make a New Year’s resolution, just to see it fall by the wayside by February? I know that I have. I’ve also found  there are a few things I need to remember when setting out these goals for myself.



1. Write It Down

Commit those goals to paper and put them somewhere that you’ll see everyday. It’s a nice reminder every morning to see what you’re working toward, and having that as a visual can give you a little nudge in the right direction, even if it’s just putting your mind into the right headspace for the day. If you like to get crafty, you could even make yourself a vision board; putting pictures of everything you want to accomplish this year on it.


2. Be Realistic, And Specific - OR- Set Deadlines

It’s really important to be realistic, but also specific. Set small goals for yourself daily like drinking a certain amount of water, or eating all of your greens. Then, set a goal for yourself for a week from now, a month, six months, and a year. Sometimes we’re too general in our resolutions, and don’t end up achieving them because we don’t give ourselves a deadline. Don’t think of it as a punishment to have a time period set, but rather something to strive for and really look forward to accomplishing. Who doesn’t love the feeling of checking items off of a list? So go ahead and start setting short and long-term goals for yourself. It will give you a little swell of pride every single day AND make you want to keep going for the longer term.


3. Take Baby Steps.

Along with being realistic in your New Year’s resolutions, make sure that they are attainable. For example, I wouldn’t suggest putting yourself on some extreme New Year’s detox, where the goal is to shed 10lbs in a week. That’s not realistic, healthy, or sustainable. Instead, if weight loss is on your mind, look at other ways to make that transition over time: get a cardio workout in a certain number of times a week, and make sure your diet is balanced and filled with lots of greens and lean proteins. Maybe instead of focusing on the scale, take note of how you FEEL. Keep a journal entirely for how your body is feeling everyday so you can go back and read your progress.


A New Year is an exciting thing. It gives us the sense of a clean slate, being able to start over and make this year even better than the last. That’s a good thing. We should always be striving to better ourselves and push our limits, but along the way just remember that we’re all only human. Things will go astray, and maybe you’ll have an off day. That’s okay. Have that glass of wine. Enjoy that cookie. Don’t beat yourself up, because we all deserve a little treat here and there. Find a balance that works for you.

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