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Don’t overpay for an overhyped greens powder that tastes terrible, especially when something better exists!

Easy Being Green is one of the world's fastest-growing and best-reviewed greens supplement powders. Thousands of real customers are raving about its unmatched quality, taste, and benefits.


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1. Superior Taste

“Most greens I tried before this brand would make me gag or dry heave.”

Ashley S., Verified Buyer

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A flavor you’ll love

Most greens supplements spend millions of dollars on advertising instead of on making their product taste great.

Ora’s co-founder and award-winning chef Ron Chang spent countless hours and developed hundreds of different flavor tests until landing on the perfect taste for Ora’s Easy Being Green.

Seriously – try it for yourself. Get 20% off with a flexible subscription (cancel anytime) and see why people who switch to Ora say the taste is superior to any greens supplement on the market.



Superior Quality: Tested & Certified

Ora’s superfood greens powder, Easy Being Green, is USDA Organic Certified. That means it’s also free from all GMOs, and the greens within are grown without conventional non-organic pesticides.

Some very popular greens supplements are not certified organic - and we think that's a problem.
Here are some ingredients that appear in prominent greens supplements that you just don’t want to be non-organic:

  • Herbs (herbal ingredients can be a source of concentrated pesticides if they aren’t grown organically)
  • Pea protein
  • Stevia

For any company claiming their products contain no herbicides or pesticides, ask them to share their quality test results with you. Given all the non-organic herbal ingredients that are showing up in some products out there, it’s worth checking for your own peace of mind.

At Ora, we were the first to share our third-party lab tests for Safety & Quality. We test every batch of products we make and share the results with our consumers because we fully stand behind the quality of our products.

Ora's Easy Being GreenOther Popular Greens Powders
Organic certifiedNo organic certification
Tested for pesticides and allergensNot tested for pesticides and allergens
Naturally occurring vitamins and nutrientsFortified with cheap synthetic vitamins and minerals
Third-party tested and results publicly sharedNo third-party testing and results not shared

Highest quality product at the best possible price

We invest in science, research, and sourcing the world’s best ingredients – not in charging you extra so we can pay podcasters and celebrity endorsers more money. 

We’ve looked at the low quality of other mainstream greens powders and the only conclusion we can come to is that you’re getting ripped off. 

Don’t pay $79 or $99 for a lower quality product when you can get a higher quality, more efficacious, better tasting product for under $40. Spend less than half the money and make a better choice for your health. 



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We don’t include anything unnecessary. Unlike other brands, we’re intentional and use nutritional science to guide our formulations.

For example, some greens supplements include probiotics, however, the acidity in most green powders can actually kill probiotics. These same brands won’t actually guarantee how many probiotics you’re getting. Instead, they’ll usually tell you how many probiotics there were in the product when they made it – which could be many months before you buy it. That means there’s a chance you’re getting dead and ineffective probiotics. Only trust brands who guarantee their probiotic CFU count through the shelf life of the product, not just at the manufacturing date.



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